It was the weekend before my birthday, and I had just gotten back to Madrid from my cousin’s wedding and headed straight to attend little Krisha’s birthday party.

As I entered, I met Shekhar, who took me to the side and told me “Be ready at 5 am tomorrow, we are going to have lunch out of town to celebrate your birthday”. (For those who know me well enough, you will understand how gullible I am to have believed him).

I reached home stressing on what to wear? and HOW will I be awake and ready by 5am!…

After a sleepless night, at sharp 5am, Shekhar was outside waiting and ready to head out. We arrived at the airport and I was still clueless of where we were going. After juggling my mind, he finally handed over my boarding pass. PARIS it was! (my fav city!)

After a long morning of touring around in Paris, we ended up enjoying a fine lunch on the top of the Eiffel Tower and went out to click a few pics. By the time I could look away from my phone I saw Shekhar down on one knee!

With a nervous smile , he asked me to marry him and of course I said….”Sai Ram” (My standard “OMG” phrase), which ofcourse meant YES!